Do you live the Life You Want or the Life Money Shaped for you?

What’s money? Why people work? What’s life?

Diana Neculai
4 min readFeb 25, 2021


Robert Kiyosaki — Rich Dad Poor Dad

Our survival today depends on money. This is how society evolved and how it shaped us. Almost no one today can live a normal, healthy life without money. I say “almost”, but there’s very little chance that anyone lives entirely without money.

In reality, what humans need for survival is food and shelter, not money. Those are our basic needs, but we are no longer hunter-gatherers. To get food and shelter we need money, so our existence, therefore, depends on money.

Money shaped our behavior and the actions we do on a daily basis in such a way that these behavior and actions seem like the normal course of life. Nobody really questions the work they do for money even if it is against their will or if it makes them feel bad.

Surpassing our behavior, the entire society is built on and around money. And we very rarely question anything at all, instead we take things for granted. What is the purpose of life? We are all blinded: we eat, sleep, wake up, work, repeat and do the entire routine and we don’t see anything else.

This is LIFE. A paradigm that we follow rigorously. Or is it? When everyone is living life this way it is pretty hard to question it. In fact, most of the readers will not even be able to cope with the thought of this and will probably close this page soon if they haven’t done so by now.

The education system shapes us this way for 20 years or more and from inertia, we tend to blindly follow this path afterward. Everything, all the society’s institutions, all the people around us are doing this and seem to support this behavior. For most of us, this is the way of living and few challenge this routine.

This behavior is so deeply imprinted in our lives, that the thought of breaking the habit makes us feel lost or alone. Because we don’t know other ways of doing things or, better said, other ways of living our lives.

Most people work through the best years of their lives and barely get to live the life they want when they are old and retire. What if when you retire at an old age, and you finally get to do the things you always wanted, a pandemic starts and you…



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