What’s money? Why people work? What’s life?

Robert Kiyosaki — Rich Dad Poor Dad

Our survival today depends on money. This is how society evolved and how it shaped us. Almost no one today can live a normal, healthy life without money. I say “almost”, but there’s very little chance that anyone lives entirely without money.

In reality, what humans need for survival is food and shelter, not money. Those are our basic needs, but we are no longer hunter-gatherers. To get food and shelter we need money, so our existence, therefore, depends on money.

Money shaped our behavior and the actions we do on a daily basis in such a way that these…

The story of how I got to hate GoPro in just 1 year: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

GoPro Hero 7 Black

I bought my first GoPro in 2019 before embarking on a road trip from Romania, all the way to mainland Europe’s Northern Most point, The North Cape. It seemed like one of those road trips that you won’t forget your entire lifetime, so I wanted to document it all. Hence, it made sense to buy an action camera, and not any action camera, but what I considered the best at that moment, the GoPro Hero 7 Black. For such a journey, one battery is not enough, right? And you’d also need few other accessories. …

Our brain is fast, but our mind is smarter.

It is in our brain’s design to label things around us so that we can take faster decisions. But why exactly are we labeling ourselves?

“I’m an introvert”, “I’m an extrovert”, “I’m a leader”, “I have this anxiety”, they all might be true, I’m not here to contradict you and tell you otherwise. In fact, it often happens to me as well to label myself, and almost every time I can see a noticeable change in my behavior and in my way of thinking afterward.

What is a label?

Our brains make associations and connections pretty fast, and they are very good at finding…

Smart packing makes travel easier.

Packing for Iceland in July 2020

Every journey needs two things: packing and planning. While the latter can be skipped and you can travel with no plans whatsoever, you always need to pack something with you, at least some essentials like a toothbrush or underwear.

I believe packing should be easy and take as little time as possible. After all, it's all about the travel, not the packing. …

January 5, 2020 — Bangkok, Thailand

Covid-19 was first publicly announced on December 31st 2019. Apparently everybody is too occupied fighting the virus right now than finding it’s true history. So what happened before December 31st?

Official declarations say that the outbreak was first identified in China in December, and they were able to trace it back to 17 November 2019 in China.

There is growing evidence and proof that the virus was present in the entire world even before the first known cases in China:

  1. France tested samples from previous atypical pneumonia cases and found at least one person with no travel history that had…

The term entrepreneur has become trendy and a lot of people wrongly associate it with freedom, being your own boss, working on your terms, money, fame etc. In other words, someone that has a desirable life.

This is what every wantrepreneur (want to be entrepreneur) dreams of, disregarding the true characteristics that define an entrepreneur such as doing instead of talking, risk taking, financial insecurity, unpredictable work schedule, loneliness etc.

Wantrepreneurs are good talkers that can convince anyone of the craziest ideas in 5 minutes. They speak pearls of wisdoms, quote entrepreneurial celebrities, attends entrepreneur meet-ups, position themselves as an…

Here is what you forgot to include in your exit strategy.

“Life after exit” is a common cliche that most people don’t understand or don’t want to talk about. It’s a significant achievement, both personal and business wise, but the outcome is irreversible, and most founders are not emotionally prepared for it.

Don’t understand

After all, you have all the money you need, and you are set for life. You don’t have to work another day in your life and still live a more than decent and fulfilling life that others only dream of. What could not be good about that? Even you won’t understand this before going through your first exit.


As an entrepreneur with technical background, I’ve always been lead to believe (partly by others and partly by myself) that marketing is far from being my strong point. When asked “what you did for marketing”, the first instinct was always to say “nothing, we focused more on the technical part”.

Ironically I’m now writing this article about marketing. After a long time in which that “nothing” answer felt so wrong, I started understanding why. The main reason for this is the traditional / classic / conventional definition of marketing and not my technical background.

The world is changing, the web…

1000+ upvotes, and #2 product of the day on October 19, 2017. That’s what happened on the day we got hunted on Product Hunt without being prepared for it. It was a stressful long day, but, in the end, the outcome was worth it, and it’s now a success story worth sharing.

The initial plan

Three days earlier, Froala Design Blocks was officially released. We weren’t going to the battle empty-handed, but we thought that the time it takes for our product to get traction would be enough for us to focus on Product Hunt. …

We recently launched a new product called Froala Design Blocks. A few days later we were listed on GitHub trending repositories. After one week we had over 3500 stars, and two weeks later we were still getting 500 stars daily.

Unlike Twitter or Facebook — where you can get new followers or likes by advertising — on GitHub, you get stars only if your project impresses someone. GitHub stars are more than just a number. They’re a reliable insight that engender trust and influence people when they decide to use your product or not.

The Froala Design Blocks is not…

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